Scrubb A Different Indie Approach

Thai power-pop and rock group Scrubb bring to spotlight their softer side in an exceptional Best of album.

It is quite surprising to know that Thai indie band Scrubb in Thailand. Surprising indeed since vocalist Muey Thawachpol Wongboonsiri and guitarist Ball Torpong Chantabuppha are grubby, sloppy musicians who flavor Beatlesque tunes with sympathetic lyrics. There are even no suggestions of rock star glamour to light them comparing to other, more vivid acts in the Thai music industry; although getting your way through their jam-packed venues during live performances might suggest otherwise. Scrubbs latest release, Chood Lek (Little Collection), contains an appealing indie and a deliberate environmental cover. The tracks gathered in this Best of album are remarkably catchy.

Their album opener, Ter mhoon rorb chun chun mhoon rorb ter (You Revolve Around Me, I Revolve Around You), which is also their first single off the album is a more meditative merry marching beat of Yellow Submarine. The piano tinkles and cadence pa-pa-pas wrap up the gentle wonder evoked by the song. Mueys ode to songwriting, Pleng khong rao (Our Song), pulls up the hooks although at this time around he renders it with a knee-buckling gentleness. The songs delicately soaring chorus accompanied by simple cool, clean lead guitars is more likely defines Scrubbs music.

Another good play, Glai (Near), launches with a riff that treads playfully before going into a fantastically careless, heartrending chorus. Just like Brit-folk duo Turin Brakes plus a hint of Norways indie band Kings of Conveniences distinctive stillness – as the tune Art Bar presents. The dazzling electronic flourishes and the consciously twisty melody collaborate like a dreams afterglow: the dreams heavy nevertheless buoyancy is tangible.

Most tracks in the Chood Lek sounds they were re-recorded or re-mastered; though as compared to the less effective production of previous albums, it seems like the older songs have a more passionate, acoustic flavor to them.

The best introduction Scrubb music is their latest album, Chood Lekis. Although the songs were written years apart, they have a fluid affinity with each other which is not found in most Best of records. Even though the styles vary from bossanova to dreamy pop to folk rock, Scrubb gets them down with a calm and breezy musical sensibility. Their tracks are captivatingly easy on the ears making you feel everyday is a Sunday.

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